A Little Something About Us

Our Humble Beginings

At the start of 2012, husband and wife team, Guy and Melissa took ownership of the long-standing smallgoods company. The focus was on the growing independent Adelaide pizza market and they believed that with their expertise in hospitality, logistics and customer service, and an unmistakable sense of commitment and drive they could enhance the company's offerings and operations.


What’s going on now?

Amassing the company’s product collection in excess of 3,000 lines, Essential Food Services embraced our loyal foundation of Adelaide pizza stores, who we continue to work and grow with on a daily basis, and welcomed to our portfolio, café restaurants, independently-owned supermarkets, caterers and retail outlets as well as supplying other wholesalers who service the pizza industry in South Australia.


Our Plans For The Future…

Essential Food Services continues to grow by adding more extensive lines and new innovative products, keeping up with market trends and trending lifestyles so that YOU, our customer, can bring the latest food creations to your public. With our automated online ordering and logistics system we want to add service to our valued customers, but remember we are still only a phone call away!


Meet the team…

GUY Running this operation requires many hats! From warehouse guru, to BD advocate and new product champion. Guy has 20+ years experience in logistics and has recently extended his reach into retail. He loves a challenge and when he's on a roll, nothing is so contagious as his enthusiasm!

MELISSA An expert in multi-tasking, Melissa brings 15 years event management experience and a background in hospitality and sales. She believes there are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile speaks them all.


JADRANKA (TONI) The oracle of the company, affectionately known as Toni, is a wealth of information regarding customer accounts. Toni has been with the company since its earliest origins.

HAMODII Sure to bring a smile to anyone's face this loveable larrikin is friendly, cheeky and always gets the job done! As well as being an expert pizza maker himself, this smart cookie is multilingual and can navigate any good party in AV. Go on and say 'G'day' or 'Marhabaan' to Hamodii when you see him


MICHAEL Reliable and efficient, this team-player always delivers service with a smile and makes sure at the end of the day, the customer is always happy.

ANTO Hard working, friendly and endearing, you can’t help succumb to his good nature, charm and winning grin.


STEPHEN Always happy to serve his customers, polite and on point

MARIE Tenacious and tough, Marie shows us that the French work hard! With consideration and pride in her work, she knows how to work her cheese.


KELLY With her great attitude and can do approach, customers know she is here for them. Just ask her anything!

ADAM Always looking for creative solutions, this ex Chef is proactive, professional, endlessly friendly and respondent.


HASSAN Going above and beyond to learn about warehousing and the industry, Hassan is always willing to lend a hand.

PENNI Outstanding in an important role in the business, watching over and collecting the pennies and dimes that come our way