The Benefits of a Healthy Dairy Free Vegan Dessert

We don’t often equate dessert with healthy food. Usually we think of dessert as an excess, or unnecessary indulgence. Those following a balanced approach to food, however, see things slightly differently, and know that embracing dessert as part of an enjoyable meal can be a healthy experience.


Doing away with deprivation

Luz Almond Cacao Fudge

Luz Almond Frozen Dessert

To begin with, it should be noted that healthy ways to nourish oneself do not extend to depriving oneself of enjoyable eating experiences. We need adequate calories for our activity every single day, and we also need to fulfil our quota of pleasurable experiences to maintain emotional health. Those who never find a satisfying dessert could be setting themselves up for unhealthy food choices later in the evening.


Paying attention to what is left in, and what is left out

Heading to the cake buffet is one way to do dessert, but taking that route it is very easy to overdo sugar, gluten and trans fats, and walk away with a tired, bloated feeling. Additionally, overdoing refined and sugar-heavy ingredients can be a recipe for future health disasters, such as diabetes, according to Harvard School of Public Health chair, Dr Walter Willett.


Desserts that are not based on those ingredients are going to be more satisfying, and more in line with healthy eating habits in general, so look for natural sugars, nuts and quality chocolate. Seeking out vegan products, that contain no dairy, will ensure that many types of inflammation causing foods, especially milk products, are left out. This makes it easier for the body incorporate the food smoothly, and not disturb digestion. The added benefit, of course, is that people who are lactose intolerant can indulge in dessert without hesitation.


Dairy free vegan desserts are carefully designed to include healthy ingredients while producing maximum taste and enjoyment. For example, sugar is often replaced with coconut sugar which is harvested from the coconut blossom. It’s low GI and quite nutritious. Dairy components may be replaced with coconut cream, which is low in cholesterol and easily digestible, and macadamia butter, which is gluten-free, high fibre, and full of protein. If you are new to a dairy free diet, you will be pleasantly surprised at how healthy and delicious they can be.


Emphasising quality, observing quantity

The best dairy free vegan desserts rely on quality ingredients for their delicious results. High quality ingredients, close to their natural states, are preferred for making the most of their nutritional potential. Another key to making sure we make the most of the health benefits of dessert is to remember your portion control. As with most foods, there is no health benefit in extra large helpings. Just because a food is healthy, it doesn’t mean you can overdo it!


Here at Essential Food Services, we are stockists of the Luzalmond range of alternatives to traditional desserts. Luzalmond make a beautiful variety of almond based desserts. We chose Luzalmond because their products are exceptionally well produced. They cold-press their almond milk; a slow-speed process that ensures the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes are retained after production.


We offer a range of light, vegan yogurts and frozen delicacies which are a perfect choice for healthy, diary free desserts. Sticking to the best ingredients, including almonds grown in South Australia, crunchy macadamias, dark organic chocolate, and premium vanilla bean, among others, the Luzalmond products are full of rich tastes that can be enjoyed by anyone whether or not they are looking to go dairy free.


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