Adelaide, Now You Can Enjoy Gluten Free at Home

If you’re a coeliac or gluten intolerant, especially if you’ve been diagnosed for some time, chances are there are foods that you haven’t been able to enjoy for a long time, that make your mouth water at the memory.

The crunch of the pastry from the first bite of a steaming meat pie. The flakiness of sausage rolls as they melt in your mouth…

When was the last time you were able to enjoy a pie or sausages roll? It was probably a long time ago. Then you had to start learning about gluten free eating and everything changed,

You might have tried gluten free foods but cardboard that fell apart in your hands was more appetising than some of the options that used to be available, so you were forced to rely on memories of pastry gone by. Food just wasn’t the same, so you gave up on your choices altogether.

You were THAT person at the dinner table or the restaurant. The person who had to specify the restaurant, flat out refused to go out for pizza, and wherever you ended up, couldn’t have the banquet or anything resembling what everyone else was having. You were the person who asked the wait staff dozens of questions before settling on the most boring meal on the menu or asking for meat and vegetables or fish and salad…. Again! Or worse, the person everyone stopped asking out for dinner at all.

Well, now you no longer have to be the black sheep at the dinner table. We bring you Silly Yak food, a delicious choice for people on a wheat free, gluten free diet. This is how food used to taste, so get ready for a taste sensation.

Born of necessity, from a coeliac who was very frustrated at the lack of gluten free, quality food options, Silly Yak foods more than fill this gap in the market and in your dining and food choices. Just because food is gluten free, doesn’t mean it has to be bland to the tastebuds and uncomfortable and stodgy on the tongue. In fact, it tastes so good you’ll be checking the packaging more than once to make sure you didn’t pick up the wrong product by mistake! You can even serve these pies, pizzas and breads to your non coeliac friends and they won’t notice. (You could, but you won’t! It’s too good to share!)

Essential Food Services are privileged and excited to be the sole distributor for the Silly Yaks range of gluten free products in Adelaide, both to retailers and direct to the public. Knowing that people all over Adelaide will be able to satisfy that pizza craving, either at home or at their favourite pizza place gives us immense satisfaction. Imagining your face as you bite into the best muffin or cookie you’ve tasted since your diet change, knowing it’s as good as you remember but without the unpleasant side effects of gluten, makes us smile almost as big as you will. We can’t wait to hear your feedback as you return again and again to stock your fridges, freezers or pantry with the treats you missed for so many years. We look forward to introducing you to new options, to, as the Silly Yaks range expands to meet demand.

If you want any more information or if your mouth is watering and you need to taste our new range, check out our exclusive range available to order online right now or email at Or whilst we are feeling sentimental you could do it the old fashioned way and call us on (08) 8242 4787.

Put pizza and pastry and baked treats back in your belly and on your menu without disappointment or discomfort. Surprise your friends by inviting them around for a delicious and satisfying pizza night! Look forward to finding some more tasty gluten free options on the menu at your favourite restaurant. No longer do you have to feel different. You can enjoy your food as much as anyone!

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